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Date and Time: Wednesday June 26, 2019 17:35
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Associate in Arts Degree in Liberal Arts
Associate in Science Degree in Liberal Arts
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For an Associate in Applied Science Degree, Diploma, or Certificate, please indicate your major from this list:

Administrative and Office Support AAS (AO.C.AAS)

Administrative Support Diploma (AO.C.DPL)

Office Support Certificate (AO.C.CERT)

Computer Applications for the Office (AOCA.C.CERT)

Administrative & Office Support - AAS/MCC (AO.E.AAS)

Administrative & Office Support - DPL/MCC (AO.E.DPL)

Accounting & Office Support - CERT (AO.E.CERT)

Business Management AAS (BUMG.E.AAS)

Management Supervision Certificate (MS.C.CERT)

Marketing Certificate (MK.C.CERT)

Small Business Management Certificate (SB.C.CERT)

Entrepreneurship - Certificate (BUEN.E.CERT)

Dental Hygiene - AAS Degree

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician AAS (EMTADV.E.AAS)

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Certificate (EMTADV.E.CERT)

Emergency Medical Technician Certificate (EMT.E.CERT)

Engineering Technology (ET.E.AAS)

Engineering Technology Electromechanical AAS (ETE.E.AAS)

Engineering Technology Process Control AAS (ETP.E.AAS)

Engineering Technology Diploma (ET.E.DPL)

Engineering Technology Basic Electronics (ETT.E.CERT)

Engineering Technology Basic Electricity (ETC.E.CERT)

Graphic Arts Technology -- AAS (GA.C.AAS)

Graphic Arts Diploma (GA.C.DPL)

Health, Safety and Environmental Technology AAS (HSET.S.AAS)

Health, Safety and Environmental Certificate (HSET.S.CERT)

Information Technology Networking AAS (ITN.C.AAS)

A+ Preparation Certificate (APREP.E.CERT)

Computer Repair and Help Desk Support Certificate (CRHD.E.CERT)

Wireless LAN Certificate (LAN.E.CERT)

Network Plus Prep Certificate (NPREP.E.CERT)

CISCO Networking CCNA Certificate (CCNA.C.CERT)

Mechanical Design Technology

CAD/Pro-Engineer-Diploma (MD.E.DPL)

CAD/Pro-Engineer-Certificate (MD.E.CERT)

Solid Modeling/Pro-E-Certificate (SMPE.S.CERT)

Mechatronics Technology AAS (MCT.C.AAS)

Mechatronics Diploma (MCT.C.DPL)

Nursing AAS (ADN.C.AAS)

Practical Nursing Diploma (PNE.C.AAS)

Physical Therapist Assistant (PREPTA.E.AAS)


Production Welding Certificate (PWE.C.CERT)

Technical Studies AAS (TS.C.AAS)

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