Art of Gardening Session Registration Form

Master Gardener's LogoMuscatine Community College's Continuing Education Department is again offering its popular Art of Gardening daylong seminar, to educate and inspire others to seek enjoyment and fulfillment through a variety of home gardening-related topics and activities. 

This year's seminar will be held:

Saturday, March 12, 2022

MCC Strahan Hall
152 Colorado Street
Muscatine, IA

Class ID: #19705

Cost: $45 (includes lunch)

For more information contact Paula Arends in EICC's Continuing Education Department, 563-336-3357 or toll free 1-888-351-4669.

Select one in each session:

  • 20/20 Vision for Daylilies in 2022   (There are 10 seats open)
      [ FULL] Creative Designs for Your Backyard
    Eat the Weeds: Wild Edibles in Your Yard and Garden   (There are 13 seats open)
    New Perennials for 2022   (There are 5 seats open)
    Ornamental Grasses - Which Ones and How?   (There are 2 seats open)
    Six Steps to Pollinator Gardening Success   (There are 8 seats open)
    Urban Trees and Shrubs   (There are 12 seats open)

  • Bees, Birds, Bats & Butterflies... Oh My!   (There are 8 seats open)
    Essential Spring Preparations for Gardening Success   (There are 2 seats open)
    How to Keep Your Houseplants Healthy and Propagate More   (There are 9 seats open)
      [ FULL] New Perennials for 2022
    Soil Amendments for Gardens   (There are 5 seats open)
    Vegetables - Trends and New Varieties for 2022   (There are 15 seats open)
    Geraniums - Not Grandma's Red   (There are 15 seats open)

  • Choosing True Lilies for Your Garden   (There are 12 seats open)
      [ FULL] Butterfly Gardening
    Fruit Trees for Iowa   (There are 15 seats open)
    A Garden for All Seasons   (There are 8 seats open)
      [ FULL] Low Maintenance Landscaping
    The Wonderful World of Worm Composting   (There are 9 seats open)
    Veggies 101: Seed to Harvest   (There are 8 seats open)

  • Shade Tree Solutions   (There are 11 seats open)
      [ FULL] Gardening Accents and Assessories
    Climate Change and Gardening   (There are 16 seats open)
    Climbing Color: Clematis in Your Garden   (There are 3 seats open)
    Mushroom Production for the Homeowner/Hobbyist   (There are 8 seats open)
    Plan a Salsa Garden for This Spring   (There are 16 seats open)
    Pollinators: Plants for Butterflies and Hummingbirds   (There are 3 seats open)